A Total Refurbishment and Walnut Kitchen in Malvern

We have recently started another refurbishment project together with a new walnut kitchen for a client in Malvern. Watch this page to view our progress.

August 2014 – Continued work

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July 2014 – Continued work

 MHF Total Refurbishment MHF Total Refurbishment
 MHF Total Refurbishment  MHF Total Refurbishment

May 2014 – Starting work!

This will be a dormer feature in the exposed roof. This is the work in progress. We have exposed the roof joists and opened up the chimney which will be fitted with illuminated glass shelving. All plaster is being removed from the walls ready for insulation. We have removed this wall between the kitchen and dining room and because the floor levels are different the client decided to have a set of curved steps. The steps will eventually be formed in Oak and the kitchen will have a limestone tiled floor

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Malvern Hills Furniture Ltd. will always better your expectations!

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